Salt, often called crystal white, is necessary to life as we need sodium to keep our muscles including the heart contracting, a healthy nervous system, and for good digestion. The chloride in one of the salt’s other components, is important for a healthy digestion and acid-alkaline balance. Salt being a great necessity to the body has even played a big role in history’s generating trade routes, state taxes, and wars as far back as twenty centuries B.C. in China.

However, like most things in this world, too much of something, specifically crystal white addiction can be very dangerous. It can worsen high blood pressure and seep calcium from the bones. Some people are prone to water maintenance from consuming too much of these crystal white compounds.

The average person eats 1 3/4 teaspoons of ‘crystal white’ every day, which is almost twice as much as what the body needs. It is very effortless to overload salt and get addicted to this crystal white without even noticing it, since most packaged food are full of it, even health-food products such as veggie burgers and canned soups. For people who want too much of these crystal white for food, several holistic practitioners suggest using ‘whole salt’ harvested from the sea through evaporation in toxin-clearing clay-lined pools.

In contrast to refined table salt, whole salt still has all the minerals floating around in seawater and healthy bodies. Its supporters also account that it is easier for the body to absorb and use whole salt, which means it is less probable to cause intensifying hypertension or water retention. However, they admit that no research studies have been done to back up these clinical observations.

Another advantage of whole salts from the refined crystal white is its satisfying taste. But not like most table salts, whole salt is not ‘iodine-fortified’ so long-term consumption might result in thyroid problems, although it is unlikely because salt is common in our daily packaged foods or restaurant food.

Salt or refined sodium chloride or crystal white is a drug. It strains the body, especially in cases of hypertension, and causes water retention. People who hold excess weight around the middle are likely to be more sodium sensitive, and so too much of salt can affect their blood pressure. People of this condition should not depend on salt, instead should try to boost flavor with things like garlic, cumin, parsley, and cilantro. Research has found that these foods have a lot of disease-fighting compounds for better health.

Studies have not been undertaken yet, but results that some doctors are getting from their patients corroborate that whole salt is much better than refined table salts. The process of refining table salts involves adding synthetic iodine to sodium chloride which the body’s adrenal glands don’t know how to process.

Crystal white or salt is essential for life, but taking great caution and discipline with using it, is necessary to life as well.

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