When you do searches, you are looking for something, which is something that we all do every day. Well, how about every time you do a search, you get paid for it??

What a great way to earn money, but like me, you are probably thinking, where is the catch?

Before we go any further, I am NOT talking about Google’s and their AdSense program. This is very good, but it requires other people to make the “clicks,” and then it has to be on the advertisements that Google has placed on your website. What Google does NOT do is to pay you to do a Search! The Search Engine I am talking about DOES!!

How it works is like this. This new Search Engine pays you, EVERY TIME you make a Search using your very own Search Engine Portal. So imagine, instead of using Google, MSN, or Yahoo, or whoever you are currently using to do searches, you use this new Search Engine. No real hardship, providing you get good results in your Search, it does not really matter.

It gets even better, and it is not restricted to just you. They will ALSO pay you every time someone else searches on your personal Search Portal. So the more people that you can get to use YOUR search portal, the better.

As editor of a large Article Directory, that currently has over 20,000 articles, we receive hundreds of new ideas that arrive daily, but in this past week, I have received two new articles, that have both made me sit up and take notice. This is the first of those, the other I will leave for a second article.

Every day many millions of searches are performed, admittedly over 80% of those searches are currently made by internet users that go through either Google, MSN or Yahoo, but none of them will pay you when you search, this new Search Engine does! Don’t forget that it was only a few years ago when Google started, and the big guys said that they would not last, but now look at how big they are.

This is how the new Search Engine works:

You have your own Search Portal, in the same way that you would search through any of the big three. Although instead of using say Google, you search via your own personal Search Portal. The results that they supply, are both quick, and also very good, and supplied in the same way that they would be with any other Search Engine, but here is the difference!

1. They will give you $50 just for joining, no catch, your account is credit as soon as you join up with them.

2. You then get the personal link to your very own Search Portal when you join, which you then use whenever you want to make a Search of the internet.

3. They CREDIT your account every time you do a search using your own Search Portal.

Now the potential!

The Search Portal link is specific to YOU, so the idea is for you to get your friends, and maybe even business colleagues to also use YOUR Search Portal, after all, it will cost them nothing, and they will get good results. The more people you can get to use your Search Portal the better… BECAUSE every time that it is used to do a Search by anyone using YOUR Search Engine Portal link, the Search company pays YOU!!

It progresses even further, it is completely free to you, and you get the $50 sign up bonus mentioned above, but if your friends also sign up, they get the $50 bonus too, as do their friends, and their friend’s friends!

So there must be a catch?

I have NOT found one, and I have looked at it VERY closely. In fact, I think it is a great idea, I have actually tried it, and as promised my account credit increased as they said it would. I believe that it is a very novel idea and one that could really take off. It is totally free to use. It does not cost the users anything, and so as far as I can see, it really is a win-win situation.

The Search Engine I am talking about is also a Pay Per Click Search Engine, so they DO want you to use the money you earn to buy Pay Per Click listings, but then if you have your own website, and you are accumulating money for Free just by doing searches, then it also means that you are getting your “clicks” for Free too. They also have paid Membership, which I understand allows you to take the money you earn in the form of Cash Commissions, paid twice monthly via PayPal.

From my point of view, it looks like a new way of getting free traffic to my website.

So finally, if you do have a website, or maybe plan to have one in the future, would like to promote it for Free, then this is something that you should really take a look at.

After all, they could be the internet’s next big player, and you are getting in on the first floor!

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