There is nothing worse than watching your daily routine disintegrate. We all start off with the best of intentions. It’s those intentions that are torn apart by random acts of violence. Let’s make it a point to recognize the good and the bad in our daily routine.

A good thing about a good routine is that we all recognize that it’s working for us. We all need rest. We all need to eat healthily. We all want a routine that we feel confident in. We all want to be respected and supported.

A bad thing about a bad routine is that it seems too strenuous. We may notice that it’s time to eat. Or, we may notice that we don’t feel as rested and we’re not getting the support we need. We then become disenchanted with the lack of balance in our life.

The good things in life are generally the ones that are the most predictable. And, the bad things are those that are the hardest to cope with. So, let’s not have a list of what’s wrong with our daily routine because it’s not going to make us any happier.

So, what is your daily routine? Where do you live? What is your job? If you are an office worker, you probably have a daily routine which consists of eating breakfast, taking medication, making a certain amount of money, getting your work done and getting it home, and so on.

If you’re a stay at home parent you may have a routine that involves having a good night’s sleep, walking the dog, being there for your kids when they cry, cleaning the house, doing the dishes, and so on. You’ve probably thought about what’s missing from your daily routine. If you’ve never been diagnosed with a disease or illness, it may be the wrong thing to think about. You may be missing out on something that can make you happy and successful. This is where you begin to recognize that there is something that is missing in your life.

At this point, you may begin to wonder whether this thing that you’re missing is caused by stress or something else. And, if it’s something else, then you may be wondering what can be done about it. The most important step in any treatment is to recognize the problem and know that you are ready to deal with it. This is where the work can begin.

But, what about daily routines that are caused by a certain illness? How do you address those when you realize that you need to get yourself better and become more comfortable with yourself and others? Here are some steps that can help.

First, evaluate what you were doing yesterday and if you are still doing the same things today, you may be guilty of creating this pattern. Look at your routines and think about whether you feel healthy or just feel stuck. When you become more comfortable, you will see changes in your day.

You may also decide that the things that you were doing yesterday were not necessary and you don’t need to be doing them today. Or, you may decide that your children or spouse need you and that you’re going to bring them into your daily routine. Whatever you decide, a little extra effort will go a long way and when you take a look at what’s missing in your daily routine, you’ll be glad that you took the time to look at the situation and address it head-on.

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